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Thank you a thousand times over to everyone who has donated!  I have cracked the $2000 mark. You are all amazing. 

$1500 and beyond

Just a quick note to say thank you to EVERYONE, the level of generosity has been overwhelming. 

Donations are sitting just under $1700 at the moment and thought I was going to struggle to hit $1000. 


Thank you to a VERY generous anonymous donator, I have smashed my goal of $1000.  So I've increased it to $2000, please get donating! 


3/4 mark

Thank you, thank you, thank you!   I have now passed the 3/4 point of my initial goal. That's $750 is going to help with research into cancer testing and treatments and support of those with a cancer diagnosis and those around them.

Everyone keeps telling me I need to invest in a good beanie for the winter months post-shave. Rest assured I have it covered! 


I have officially cracked the $500 mark online! Thanks to the amazing CRC Year 8 cohort there is another $50+ in cash as well. 

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Please keep sharing and asking people to donate, I'd love to smash my goal of $1,000!!!

Nearly at $500!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! It is all very much appreciated. 
Enjoy a bonus photo of Nat and me, and our hair before it's all gone!


Too many people have to struggle through a cancer diagnosis.

This is one small way I can help to raise some funs to support those with cancer and those around them!

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Thank you to my Supporters


Kerrie-ann Matthews


Kathy La Fontaine

Good on you Lauren!!


Ashlee Hughes

You are a superstar


Simone Bennett


Samantha Morton

Great work Lauren and for such a great cause.


Abby Timms



You’re a freaking legend. So proud.


Samantha Kruze

Couldn’t be happier to donate that last bit to get you to your new goal! Amazing effort girl!


Robyn Sullivan



The big sshaaaaavveeeee!!


Logan Wright

Thank you.


Marion Jackson

You are one amazing woman


Trish Griffin

Congratulations Lauren you are amazing. Such a worthy cause. ?


April Whitford


Nicholas Groh


Megan Jennings


Jesse Heath

Best of luck with this Lauren! Such a great thing to do!


Louise Crocitti

Well done for being so brave Lauren and supporting such a worthy cause! keep warm :)


Cass & Jake Hutchison

You are amazing!!!


Jessica Godwell

Wish I was there to rub your head on the daily x


Mikaela Hurst


Alexandra Belcastro


Danielle Naumcevski


Mulholland Family

amazing! ??


Loretta Kalms

Amazing effort girls


Lionel Thomas

Great work Lauren!


Emma Van Wees

Proud of you! x


Paul Whitford

Great effort so far.


Lyndie Clare

Go Cuz!


Kezi Todd

Nice work Ms Whitford ??


Lisa Bui

Yes get it girl!



Good on you Lauren


Jenny Mounas

You’re a legend!


Mollie Braithwaite


Staff Various

Cash donations from staff.


Shaun Coates

You go Baldie!




George Perera

Cheers to your awesome effort Lauren !!




Kim Lillington

Fantastic effort Lauren!


Louise And Trevor Mitchell


Row & Co

It takes balls of steel to do this! Good on ya



You are a superstar of a human!


Kylie Perry

Such an amazing thing you are doing


Amy Rowley

You are one brave woman.


Michelle De-wys

Way to go Lauren! Such a beautiful person and such a great cause ?


Christine Alyce Ordner

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