Get active
to stop


Get active to stop cancer

However you most like to move, you can get active to help free the future from cancer. Set your own challenge to walk, swim, ride, run or whatever way you like to move to fund crucial cancer research, prevention programs and support services to help stop cancer.



Do 100 pushups a day for a month, walk to work for a week, or set a huge daily steps goal.

Clock up
the KMs

Whether it’s running 50km in a week or riding 300km in a month, set a distance target and time period and see how far you can get!

Sunset Series 2021

Whether it's racing alongside Giraffes at The Zoo, battling the Anderson Street hill at The Tan or taking on the lush green Princess Park, this event is perfect for everyone. There’s no better way to kick start your 2021 fitness goals. Prices start from $35 and the first race kicks off on Feb 3 - Register now!

Get active to stop cancer

What You’ll Get

FREE fundraiser kit

You’ll receive a kit with posters, donation box, thank you cards and handbook to help you get started.

Fundraising page

This is your fundraising hub. Put up pictures, share your story and ask for support – and keep track of all your donations as they come in!

Personal support

We’re here to help. For guidance, support, advice or ideas, just get in touch whenever you need us.

Join team cancer council and make a difference

Join team cancer council and make a difference


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Cameron ran 300km to stop cancer

“My aunty just passed away from cancer, so I thought I could do that and raise money for cancer. I had so much fun doing it. There are so many positives – you get more energy, so many benefits for your health, and you’re doing it for a good cause as well.”

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