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Thank you so much.

A sincere thank you for all of the donators that have supported the cause. I am very grateful to have people that believe in the same thing I do. This makes me really happy and I hope it does to you too. 

Gracias por todo que donaron y gracias por apoyando me. Estoy muy feliz.

The reason for me cutting my hair

Hi I’m Anna. I am a high school student from CRC Melton. I’m always looking forward to helping people in anyway I can. I would love  to donate most of my long hair as I have realised that people need it more than I do. I do not completely understand the struggles of cancer, however I am willing to put my part so that the people that are diagnosed with cancer enjoy what they may not have. I will try my hardest to play a role in helping stop cancer.
Please support me in this. :)

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Thank you to my Supporters


Diamond White


Natsha Austin

Well done ?


Gustavo Arbizu

Fantastic Cause!



You are an inspiration



Te felicito Annita, Dios te va a bendecir mucho???


Claudia E Durn De Arbizu

Anita sos un ángel no sabes lo q esto significa .... siempre supe de tu gran corazón pero ahora lo demuestra más :)


Annabella Banos

Congrats ?? what a wonderful cause you are doing ?✊?



very proud of you Annita?♥️


Sonia Cecilia Valdés

You are amazing!! I love so much my dear granddaughter I’m very proud of you ❤️


Omar Abrego

Te Felicito Anita , buena causa !





Molly Thompson


Aida Aguirre

We are very proud of you baby


Apple Juice




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