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I’m walking to help all Victorians affected by cancer

This year my heart sank as I found out my dad had cancer. I had never seen anyone go through cancer before so seeing his health decline so quickly was scary.

6 months after the diagnosis he was thankfully cleared and has bounced back amazingly. Without the amazing treatment and science behind cancer research this story could have had a worse outcome. 

Unfortunately 2 months has passed and we have now been told that my Grandma has been diagnosed with lung cancer. 

By donating and helping us raise funds for the cancer council you will be helping future cancer patients treatment and rehabilitation. Without the amazing work of the cancer council and the amazing work of the doctors and researchers, we would not be able to treat cancer in the way we do today. Help me to make cancer something that we can all survive. 

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Jill Mullavey

Go Sarah and Wayne just one foot after another you will make it.


Sarah Adams