Walking Stars

I’m walking to help eradicate all cancer forever

October 5 2014.
I was having a shower, probably my first for the weekend.

 It was a big weekend with the North Melbourne Best and Fairest – I wore a wig, cause I couldn’t do anything with my hair!

I was just washing my boobs, a normal every shower time thing.
But this time I hit rock.
I was like "what the fuck was that" and repeated the movement. It was a definite lump. Definitely not a mozzie bite nor a cyst nor a pimple. It was definitely something I had never felt before.
I knew instantly it was cancer.
It was Sunday night. I knew Monday I would be at the doctors.

This year I am participating in Walking Stars.

My reason is
To eradicate cancer forever

Please sponsor me here. https://fundraising.cancervic.org.au/fundraisers/jacquelinecarton/walking-stars?fbclid=IwAR2o7biYpwOadhVW14js5C_-2M7qRoJ8YDRUXpVX7fmwKK_bOl3AOig_cKk


October 6 2014

I made an appointment for the doctor. I believe I got in after work, but maybe I left early.

Anyway, I get my boobs out and lay on the bed.
He has a good feel and tells me he can feel something there (is it the first time he has felt cancer?)

He tells me to make an appointment for a mammogram and ultrasound later in the week, like Thursday or Friday.

I wonder if he downplayed it so I wouldn't stress all week.

In memory of Andrew Cresser who sadly passed away Ocober 6 2017.

I’m walking to raise money for the cancer council. Cause all cancers matter.

Please sponsor me here. https://fundraising.cancervic.org.au/fundraisers/jacquelinecarton/walking-stars?fbclid=IwAR2o7biYpwOadhVW14js5C_-2M7qRoJ8YDRUXpVX7fmwKK_bOl3AOig_cKk


October 8 2014.
I went to the pub after work. I really wanted to go home from work and go to sleep.  I’m zombie like, just trying to “function” and pretend everything is roses.

At the pub there was a free physic.
the only information he could give me about my health was "look after yourself".

Please sponsor me here. https://fundraising.cancervic.org.au/fundraisers/jacquelinecarton/walking-stars?fbclid=IwAR2o7biYpwOadhVW14js5C_-2M7qRoJ8YDRUXpVX7fmwKK_bOl3AOig_cKk


October 9 2014

I have my body corporate meeting today so I book in for a mammogram and ultrasound in the city prior to the meeting.

I allow 2 hours - I'm pretty sure I was there for the whole 2 hours.

I had my boobs squeezed and ultraed (What word fits here?) from all angles. I got to sit in a little room in a hospital gown in between screenings and more shots.

They sent me on my way once they had enough pictures.

Please sponsor me here. https://fundraising.cancervic.org.au/fundraisers/jacquelinecarton/walking-stars?fbclid=IwAR2o7biYpwOadhVW14js5C_-2M7qRoJ8YDRUXpVX7fmwKK_bOl3AOig_cKk

October 10 2014
D day

I went to work. At about 930 my phone rings. Its an unknown number but i know it's the doctors.
The doctors have never ever called me.
The lady tells me i need to make an appointment.
I'm trying to make an appointment for after work on a Friday how mental is that.
In the end I decide I'll just go now, but I  have to go home and get the car.
I meet dad at the doctors. (I take dad in the hope that i was wrong and he can tell me off for wasting his time. No such luck)
We go in and the doctor says
"It's more than likely breast cancer".
Even though i already knew I didn't like hearing those words.
The doctor rings around and finally gets me into a surgeon that afternoon.
I go to Werribee and see the surgeon.
He is really positive.
We will cut out the lump and you will have radiation. He then says I need another ultrasound and a biopsy. Can't remember the name of the biopsy but it was like a stapler.
I go to pathology department to get these tests done. The girl says there is no vacancy til next week. I am a mess. I take the appointment for next week but I have told the girl I will be ringing around to find somewhere that can get me in sooner.
I then leave and a senior nurse chases me out and tells me she thinks I need to be looked at today so I won't stress all weekend.
I go into room, it's the same girl that I saw in the city yesterday. She saw me through the mirrored window and knew what she had seen yesterday and had told the senior nurse she would stay back to do the rest of my tests.

Dad and I then head home to tell the rest of the family.

Then I got drunk. You know so drunk where you don’t remember anything? That was the plan. I woke up and it was still true.

Any donations welcome



October 17 2014

One important lesson – it is helpful to let others feel your lumps. Unfortunately / fortunately this is not a common educational practice

True story. Coping a feel of Jacqui's bare tits in the work toilets and a fellow employee walks in. Never seen her in the office. Awks. Should probably invite her to drinks tonight. She might need one.

Later that same day, lots of lump feeling on the street out the front of the pub.  Close work matesJ

October 18th – Ebony’s hens night – another reason to drink to forget, I went home about midnight, JC then came over with a slab. When the blood tests came back from surgery – they wanted to know why there was alcohol in the results.  I fasted from when they said, but there must have been a lot of grog in me. Anyway the reason was  “I was diagnosed with cancer”.




October 20th – Surgery, I cant find a post from this day.


28 October 2014

Patience people, my phone went flat before I got into the doctor at about 5pm. Then I went to netball and have come home and had a shower cause they cleaned up my armpit, and now I don’t smell so festy (I also had to blow dry it dry). Lumpy was approx. 30mm in size and there was tumor in the lymphs. I am going in tomorrow for a CT s8can and bone scan to see if it has spread. I am then to see the oncologist team on Friday who will let me know my game plan, which does consist of 3 to 4 months of chemotherapy once every 3 weeks, and then radiation after that. Thank you all again for your messages and concern, I will read them after dinner.

31 October 2014
In about 2 weeks I will start chemotherapy. I will have 6 sessions of chemo over 18 weeks. After that I will have radiation. Sorry its so brief, just trying to get my head in order.

Ebony & Sean's wedding 01.11.2014 

I had 1 beer – at a function where there was free piss

November 4 2014
What's next? Get the drain out 60mls today and yesterday. so probably other week before that comes out.
Then go in and have a port put in my chest (local anaesthetic) so I'm not a pin cushion, they will administer chemo and be able to take blood from this. Much easier than trying to find a good vein.
After about 1 week in for chemo. 3 sessions x 2 hours of FEC = flourouracil, epirubicin, cyclophosphamide. And then 3 x 1.5 hours of docetacal. And then radiation. I think that's it for now.

November 4 2014

At this stage I am booked to start chemo on November 18th. I am due to have the port inserted on November 10th. Hopefully the drain comes out before Sunday or else the rest will be pushed back. I am doing my best to remove the drainage tube myself (accidently), yesterday I dislodged a suture that didn't tickle. I am at 50mls, so it is slowly getting there. I found out it needs to be less than 30mls for 2 days in a row and it comes out on the 3rd day. Thank you all for your voicemails, inboxes, texts emails etc they are appreciated, can I ask if you could just text instead of calling as I sleep a lot, and spend a lot of time at doctors and with visitors. I will get back to you when I can. Thanks for all your support.


November 10 2014

1st port installed


November 14 2014

whoo hoo finally discharged from st vincents at home


20 November 2014

an update on me. I'm still feeling the same. which Is fantastic. Hoping to stay this way. If you want to visit me send me a message as to when. I'll let you know if that day suits. I don't want any sick visitors though.

December 9 2014

Finally home. what a day. Postponed port manipulation - changed to Friday. Lost blood tests had to redo. Apparently i was lost too - i didn't find this out till later. But chemo is done. Time to rest


16 January 2015

Hi All,
I guess its been a while since you had an update, so here it is.

Every day I have a nap, at least one, some days 2.
I have lost my hair and find it easier to be bald then wear a wig.
I have stuff all concentration, which means I cannot read a book or watch movies, sometimes even follow a conversation.
If it’s not written down, like an appointment, I will not remember to do it.
I haven’t experienced the metallic mouth or loss of appetite, and have avoided mouth ulcers.

I have just been to Mandurang (near Bendigo) with thanks to the Otis Foundation http://www.otisfoundation.org.au/
Mainly a relaxing get away, except for the spiders which made me live on edge.

I have had 3 rounds of chemo and have 3 to go, next lot Tuesday 20th January.

Thank you everyone for your love and support, I have almost finished reading your emails, inboxes and text messages that were sent way back when I was diagnosed.
I know I read them at the time, but they were just blurred words.

If you wish to visit just let me know when and I will see if that day suits, I have many, many appointments.

Maree and Tom are both shaving their heads


February 6 2015

My wig party for my 40th, fancy driving to your own party.  1 beer and 2 cokes!

February 8 2015

My 40th birthday


February 9 2015



March 4 2015

I had my last round of Chemo on Tuesday 3/3/15.

6 rounds down.

Next step, I’ll see the surgeon in the next few weeks to make an appointment for further surgery to have the margins exercised, which basically means they will take more tissue that could be infected. This will be day surgery. After that I will recover, and then I will go and have 5 weeks x 5 days a week of radiation.

That’s all I can remember for now.

There is a raffle being run, contact me if you wish to purchase raffle tickets.

April 21 2015
I am guessing this is going to be a long post.

Its been 198 days since I found a lump in my boob.
193 days since I was diagnosed with cancer and 184 days since the lump and 14 lymph nodes were removed.

During this time I have had 6 sessions of FECD chemotherapy, 2 ports inserted and 1 removed, and a second surgery on my boob to make sure all cancer was removed. Plus bone scans, Ecg's, blood tests and a heap of others.

Today, I was told I no longer have cancer.
Did you read that?


I would like to thank Fran Carton and Gerry Carton for driving me and coming with me to every appointment.

My siblings Amy Carton, Steve Carton, Garry Carton, Jesse CaCa and Petter Carton, and their partners Frank Udeorah, Chris Hunt and Elvy Carton for supporting me in only the ways they can.

I am not going to list every single person that has helped me along the way, but thank you to all that provided me with:
* home cooked meals
* personal chauffeur service
* home delivered meals
* taking me out to eat
* cleaning
* washing
* groceries
* entertainment
* cancer quiches and snot blocks

You do not need to stop with any of the above!

I must also say a huge thank you to Maree Dunn who raised over $6000 for the Breast Cancer Network.
Massive effort.
Thank you also to Mason Wood and Luke McDonald who I think enjoyed shaving Maree's head way too much, and the North Melbourne Football Club who allowed this to happen.

Thank you also goes out to Tom Sims who raised over $2000 doing the worlds greatest shave.
A selfless act for such a young man.

They both already have more hair than me.

Special thanks to Lisa Ryan who assisted me when I passed out at footy training (she has never taken me anywhere since).

Thanks Sponge Bob



Hopefully my last ever operation.
Thursday 14th December 2018
I'm having an oophorectomy.
Which is both ovaries and tubes removed.
That means no breeding and no bleeding ?.

It is preventative surgery as my cancer was estrogen +.

These days I have an ultra sound and mammogram June 2019 (annually). And I still pop a pill everyday – this is for 10 years, so just over 5 years to go.


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