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For the Doctor Supercoach Slack family, the Cancer Council has always served as a beacon. A reminder to set your captaincy, place your loopholes, and a noble outlet for a friendly side bet. A place to pay for our donuts, no matter how much we confuse our donees with our jibber jabber and odd turn of phrase. But for Slack members young and old, every dollar we contribute also reminds us of someone in our own lives that has been affected by this undiscriminating disease. While it is usually our old age that has us “donating for dumb things”, the Slack Vets have come together to “donate to simply do good” and ensure that the Doctor Supercoach Councer Council donation tally powers over the $20,000 mark. So young bucks we know you want to outdo the old codgers, so if you have a few dollars burning a hole in your pocket, if you want to make us look like cheapskates, perhaps you just want to offset some of your taxes, we hope you too can come together, ride this momentum, and help the team Kick Cancer’s Ass. If patrons of any other podcast wants to join us, or even compete with us in raising more donations, we embrace you with welcome arms and love you for your contribution. Thank you to everybody that has gotten us to this point, thank you to everyone that contributed to this group donation, and of course to those that choose to help out in the future!


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Vincent Chan

Long time listener, first time poster, one-time Patreon member until moving overseas... this podcast is by far and away the best SC resource out there in balancing great analysis/banter and staying updated... so much so that it amounted to a R19 top score of 2,913 this week! Fantastic work guys and this weekly prize goes out to you and all the work you do and support.



I'm expecting a bunch of donut by seasons end 😅 Nearly at 25k!


Matty’s Maulers

Matty’s Maulers wants to thank the boys for running the community and podcast. 4x$150 for each of the four amazing podcast rap intros. 2x$20 for a couple of in-season donuts. Thanks boys, love your work!!


Emily Challis

Thanks guys- What an Epic season! Part of this is for my only donut of the year, May we never talk about it again! It is tradition for a slack SC’ winner to donate to CC, so here I am. You have created a wonderful supportive community, you should be proud.


Mfers Forgot About Macrae

#YoungBucksRally - Mate currently has a hickman line in. F*ck this disease.