David Bissell

Victory Against Cancer

Putting (almost all of) my body on the (train) Line, for Victory against Cancer.

OK we have a DARE!!!

I need your help to make it worthwhile! 

I have been challenged to catch a Train one way into the City wearing only a "Man-kini"! Who wouldn't want to see that???

I will ride the train on Saturday 2nd February from Richmond to Flinders street (via the loop) in a Man-kini if my fundraising balance is over $1000. Photo Evidence will be provided or you are welcome to come and join me. And for every extra $500 above the $1000 I will board 2 stations earlier than Richmond!

If we hit $1500 I board at Caulfield
$2000 start at Hughesdale
$2500 start at Clayton
$3000 start at Sandown Park
$3500 start at Dandenong
$4000 start at Berwick
$4500 start at Pakenham

C'mon guys make me suffer!!!

I am more than happy to embarrass myself for the cause!

Thanks Pat Spencer for the awesome challenge!

Put my body on the line.

I am now 45 years old and continue to try and play the game I love. I still play Mens outdoor with my club Knox Churches Soccer club and fully support my whole family who all play at Berwick City Soccer club. This year my youngest Tate begins his  football journey as he is now old enough to play real matches (under 8’s). I am taking on the task of being his coach. I think when you care enough about something you will do almost anything to make it happen. 

The things we care about can be obvious and sometimes not so obvious. Every year since it’s inception I have participated in this fundraiser. Every year I find a new way to put my body on the line to raise some money for a cause that is close to all of our hearts. Every year I make new friends and renew friendships with others who also participate in this fundraiser. Every year I ask my circle of friends, family, teammates, work colleagues, customers and aquaintances to support me by donating to this fundraiser. Every year I donate my own money to this fundraiser. 

This year we go again. Please donate. Please support my cause. If not me please support one of my other fundraisers who are doing great things to raise money. (Special mention to Bray) Please help me to help all those who have, are or may one day be suffering from Cancer.



I'm fundraising to support Cancer Council Victoria

Every day, 90 Victorians are faced with the news of a cancer diagnosis. Their lives will never be the same, and the impact has a flow-on affect to those around them.

Iโ€™m supporting Cancer Council Victoria, who give hope to all Australians affected by cancer, by fundraising for a chance to play on the fansโ€™ team at the Victory Against Cancer match.

By supporting me, youโ€™ll be funding a life-saving cancer research project. Funds from the 2018 match were invested in a three-year skin cancer research project at the University of Melbourne; making a real difference to the lives of Victorians affected by skin cancer.

Thank you to my sponsors



Hope this covers the fine you will get if you don’t get permission ๐Ÿคช


Snapon Tools Berwick

Donations received in cash


Michael Vanderwal

Hey mate, great thing you are doing again this year. Always happy to support such a great cause which has affected most of us.


Snap-on Tools Braeside


David Bissell


Mandy And Trev Allen

Great job as always Dave, we really appreciate all that you do for a cause close to our hearts xx


Matthew De-simone

great work as always Mr. Bissel. May the weather be mankini friendly


David Mackie

Di says this donation is so you don’t wear it lol


Simply Stronger Exercise Physiology

Good luck Dave, it's a worthy cause and you always do an amazing job fundraising for them.


Graham Wynn

Great work Davo


Heather Rooney

Added an extra zero to my pledge........ because you are a legend.....I love you.


Annie Hillman

That took guts David! Ur worth every penny(cent ?!) Xxx


Scott Hawkins

I want pictures. Is metro expecting you?


Ken Kimber

Go for it David! Show us what you're made of!


Shenae Ryan

What a great cause and a really, really great challenge!!! Can't wait to see it


Tyson Busch


Sean Issell

Hi mate, I admire your committment and bravery. An inspiration always. Sean


Susie Macdonald

This donation is from my friend Susie Macdonald


Jeremy Freeth

I’m donating money Biss to stop you from doing it. You will end up on some sort of offenders register! All jokes aside great job buddy.




A Heggan


Matteo Pot

That was bloody brilliant mate. Best thing I’ve seen in a long time


Mark Beglan

Good Luck Dave hope to see you in the Mankini.


Joe Diiorio

Lucky for me I never catch public transport...


Stephen Burke

Ryan and Aidan would like to donate $40 of their pocket money to Biss for this great cause


Heather Jennings

Well Done David, Don’t get arrested.


Turnstyle Band Steve & Mark

Love your work Dave


Galli Family

Go Biss!


Jim Mete

goodluck dave have a shot if scotch you could be chilly soon โœŒ๐Ÿป


Jo Mcgary

Perfect temperature for today


Darren And Nicky Hamilton-morris

Well done Dave, you have gone above & beyond, how could we not support that! Great stuff ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


Scott, Kelly And Noah Whiting

Your a legend Biss


Nicole Lynch

Kudos Dave! ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป


Natalia Cosentino

Go Dave !


Zorana Horvat

Congratulations on all your fundraising efforts Dave :)


Beau Vass

Great work again Biss, all the best for reaching your goal mate.


Patricia Spencer

Go for it dave


Butterfly Kisses Wall Art & Decor


James Bernard


Rosemary Code

Well done Dave looking forward to pictures ๐Ÿ˜‚


Matt Pochettino

Can’t wait to see you in your mankini


Chris Perry


The Donoghues

It's only a small donation but I hope it helps. Keep up the great work Dave.