Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - For JoJo

By Bridgette Ryan

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My target 1000 kms



Today is the last day of June and the last day of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month 2021…meaning the last day of my fundraiser. ?

I have a big afternoon of cycling ahead of me, but it is so so so worth it. 

What this money will achieve and do for so many people, makes my heart feel so happy ??

Any last minute donations would be massively appreciated, remember donations to charity is tax deductible ?

I will never stop fighting for this cause, it robbed my mum and our family of so much. So I will do whatever I can to help other families out there. 

Thank you Mum for today’s sunshine flowing through the windows, making it a bit easier to get onto the bike and get these pedals spinning ?

Link to fundraiser - 

Link to Jojos Smile Earrings by FckCncr/Emeldo - 

Please feel free to share this status, let’s raise some funds and awareness and make sure we get people talking about this horrible thing!! ?


Halfway through June... this is crazy how fast this month is going. 

We have currently raised $2584 out of my $3000 goal. 

I have cycled 437km of the 1000km target. 

Kicking goals and doing it for Mum

- B

8-06-2021 - Update

Hello :)

Fitness update I am currently 260km into the month .. I'll pop it all in below (the strava connection has synced activities from February) - I've split some days into two or three rides to try and save my legs.. going well so far :)

So proud of what we have raised so far, thank you all for the support and generosity

With Love 

- B  

June 1st - 2021

Here we go... June. Time to make some noise and raise some funds.

Did you know that Bowel Cancer claims the lives of 103 Australians every week? (thats 5336 people a year...) - but if found early is one of the most treatable cancers. 

I want everyone to make a personal mission to talk to 5 people you know over the age of 45 and ask them about bowel screening. Also for the people under 45, chat to them too... keep an eye on any changes because you are never too young for this, it isnt an old person disease and i am mortified it is labelled as such. Check in with yourself and check in with friends and family, keep them accountable for their checks..

Day 1 Complete. Ride 1 Complete 

One Day til June 1st

We hit the initial target goal of 1k in the two weeks I had this page up ... so I have upped the goal to 2k today... and if we hit that I will raise it again. I will be pedalling this month for mum... so people in the same shoes wont have to suffer as bad, so people can be tested earlier, so this stupid killer can be rid of.... lets make some noise people.

- B


Today, my mother passed away from this horrible cancer. She fought so hard and was the strongest person I know. Phenomenally, on this day we hit our fundraising target, she would have been so proud. I talked to her so much about this ride and what the money would do for people in similar circumstances as her. 

Only a few days til June begins, I cannot wait to start this challenge for her. 

- B 

June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer Council estimate that approx 84,000 Australian lives could be saved in the 20 years with their National Bowel Screening Campaign, if they can increase participation by  just 20% 

Imagine if they could get 100% participation, how many lives would be saved. A little awkward conversation about bowels is worth it, i promise. 

- B 


My why is my Mum... I am doing this so other people don’t have to experience what she is going through... get the money into early detection and preventions. 


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Sharon Smith

Proud of you girls


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Liam Ryan

Keep going Bridgette!! You are doing awesome!! The finish line is not far away 😀


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Beautiful work Bridgette - from Brendan, Erin & Levi


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All my love xx


Jess Ibbott

Proud of you always xxx


Christian Seils-owen

I couldnt be more proud of your hard work and your commitment towards this and spreading awareness. It is inspiring to be by yourside everyday.


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Nice Work Bridgette, Get that 1k!


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With love xx


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A beautiful tribute to a much loved mum, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, niece and friend xx


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You are a change-maker.


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In memory of Joanne 💕


Sarah Kelcey

Sending my love and support to you today, tomorrow and always Xx


Suzanne Nunn

Our deepest sympathies to you, Justine and all the family. Your mum was an amazing and strong woman who will be truly missed by those blessed to know her


Pauline, Richard, Alex And Isobel

You’ve got this Bridgette, 💕your mum would be so proud of you xx



Sincere condolences Bridgette & Justine, from Michael, Rose, Gen, Ally & Imogen


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For your beautiful mum


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Hey hun, Sending you love and strength in this difficult time 💖





So proud of you, sending you so much love ❤️


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Sending love, strength and determination 💕


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Lots of love 💕


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So proud of you Bridgetteo, all my love to your family always.




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Imogen Kops

I can't even put into words the input your family has had in my life over the years. I am beyond proud of you. All my love to Jojo


James Forrester

I'm really proud of you and what you're striving for, I hope this little donation can help to create a positive impact on people suffering from Bowel Cancer.


Claire Ruggieri And James Forrester

James and I are here for you and your family whenever you need us


Rashin Mahboobian