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By Erin Connellan

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August Update!

Hello friends,

I hope you're keeping fit and well, especially over these colder months! I'm checking in, as it's been a while since I've given you an update.

August is a special month to me for many reasons. 

Firstly, it's the month of Tynan's birthday. Last week he turned 20. 

While we all tried to give him the best presents we could - and I'll note I did get him a nice pair of ugg boots! - it was hard to compete with the early present he got from his healthcare team...

I'm pleased to say Tynan is in remission and doing very well! It's been wonderful to see his energy coming back, after such a tremendous fight.

I'd like to thank you all very much for your kind messages and generous donations you've made so far. It's been a great source of comfort, to know we've been in your thoughts. Words cannot convey how grateful I am for your support.

It's been astonishing to see we have collectively raised over $4000 together, and we've still got a few months left!

While I'm ecstatic my wish has been granted - Tynan cancer free by 2023 - there are still many Australian's fighting.

August is also a special month to me because Daffodil Day is on the 25th.

Daffodil Day is an opportunity for our community to come together, lean on each other, and raise much needed funds for cancer research.

Through you kind actions, such as buying a daffodil or sharing this fundraiser with your social networks, you're touching lives of people you may never meet, and supporting them through a truly difficult period of their life.

I hope you will join me in sharing this fundraiser with your community, so that we're one step closer to finding a cure.

Wishing you and your loved ones' a safe and happy rest of 2022.

Erin x

I’m fundraising for Cancer Council Victoria to help stop cancer.

Every year more than 35,000 Victorians hear the words ‘you have cancer’.

This year my 19-year-old brother Tynan was one of those 35,000. 

It’s devastating to learn someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, especially someone so young. 

While you and I cannot personally cure my brother, we can raise money to fund life-saving cancer treatments, prevention programs and support services to ensure no one has to face cancer alone. 

I’m embarking on a challenge to run 2022km and raise $20,022 in 2022. 

For context, that’s like running from Adelaide to Brisbane. 

Or Melbourne to Sydney and back, and doing a victory lap to Albury/Wodonga. 

The number 22 is a special symbol in this campaign. It’s a symbol of hope for the future.

It’s my ardent wish that my brother, and many others, are cancer free by 2023. 

I’ll be giving regular updates on my social media and on this fundraising page. As you donate, please feel free to leave messages of love and support.

Thank you for your kind spirit and generosity as we fight this together.

I hope my brother and I see you at the virtual finish line!

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Troy "wrongtown" Hall

Thoroughly impressed mate!


Claire Peucker


Leonie Johnson


Jordan Brown


Claire Pieters

I keep bloody forgetting to donate but today is the day! 🌼 so glad Tynan is doing well Xxx


Stephanie Clark


Maryanne Ciavarella


Lauren Rowland

Wonderful news about your brother! And good on you for doing this.


Nadine Lyford

So glad to hear your brother is in remission. It is also a cause close to my heart.


Nikki L

You’re an inspiration Erin - best of luck to you and your fam. Keep fighting Tynan! X


Mike Liberale


Victoria Howard

Amazing job Erin! Sending love xx


Hayden Brass

Keep it up Erin - what a great challenge to set yourself!


Charles Morton

Well done Erin!


John Mclaughlan

You’re a bloody legend my friend, always will be. You’re done something so fabulous and you should be proud as punch.






Mikaela Hanns

Sending love and strength to you all ❤️❤️


Amy Buckley


Fi Sharman

Best of luck Erin ❤️ Sending love to you and your family and strength to your brother


Jun Nguyen


Matthew Woolley


Elaina Bohman

Happy (belated) Birthday Erin!! You are such an incredible inspiration! ❤️


Eli Marsland



Happy birthday and good luck!! Such a great cause.


Casey Tipper

Keep up the amazing work! I hope you reach your target 😊


Kendall Masters

Happy B'day EC! You are a star.


Erin Connellan

It’s my birthday today! 🥳 I think you all know what my birthday wish is. While it’s nice to receive gifts, it’s also good to give them, especially to a worthy cause. Here’s to all the kms I’ve covered, and all the kms to come!


Conor Dickson



Smashing is mate, good stuff!


Troy "wrongtown" Hall

This is a super impressive goal mate, wish I could spare more right now!


Jamie Clark


John Jones

Go, Erin, go! We‘re crossing fingers and we support the family all the way! Lots of love from Luxembourg!







Run, Forrest! Run! Massive effort. Wishing you and Tynan all the very best.








Mads Gillard

All the best to Tynan, fight strong 💪 Run well, Erin. Thinking of you and your fam x




Clare Odonnell

Absolute inspiration and I hope this donation can really help reach you goal. I’d love to help out with some video stuff throughout - I’ve chased many a jogger with a gimbal. You got this!


Brigid Deneefe

Happy to help you on your journey. Lifetime Friend of Clare Gervasoni



Your brother will make it! All the best vibes from Chile!


Ben Volchok


Brad Fastuca

I don’t know you. But I know cancer. I wish I didn’t. Thank you and good luck.


Zachary Rundell-gordon

Sending Tynan and your whole fam my well wishes. You're doing an incredible thing for a good cause


Mollie Quin

All the best to Tynan and all of your family Erin!! Sending lots of love and strength. Xx


Clare G.

Best wishes to your brother on a journey to being cancer free. What a fantastic way to "fuck cancer" (in the words of Samuel Johnson).


Distinctive Features Pty Ltd

Good luck! You got this girl! I wish all the best for your brother.


Jonty Franklin


Olivia Franco



Sending my love and support.


Jen Martin

You've got this girly. Cancer sucks!! Love to you and your family xx



157 kms!!

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