Rob's Haircut for the Vic Cancer Council

By Rob Koh

2 weeks to go

Many thanks to everyone who has generously donated, currently we are targeting a stylish bob.

Also let me highlight this worthy cause:

Thanks to everyone for your generous donations!!

I am very bad at taking selfies. This was taken on one of my first flights back to Sydney.

Also wanted to highlight this initiative:

I’m fundraising for Cancer Council Victoria to help stop cancer.

The Vic Cancer Council needs our support more than ever this year. Every dollar raised gives hope for a cancer free future. By supporting the end of my bad haircut, you’re funding life-saving cancer treatments, prevention programs, and support services that ensure no one has to face cancer alone.

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Thank you to my Supporters


Annika Li

Well done Rob!


Shing Zhu

Well done Rob!


Blake Henricks


Kara O'donnell


Chris Vagg


Kate Webster

Almost end of the hair Rob, but a good cause!


Dan Giuffrida

Good on you Rob!! Well done


Steven Kempler


Suchitra Somers

Please do it for Karen


Terence O'donnell

Well done, Rob.


Ern Koh

Well done Rob!


Andrew Sutcliffe

Well done Rob! Donating in memory of our son Matthew who lost a battle with osteosarcoma in 2018 at 18 years of age.


Colleen Grady

Best wishes for the new hair cut. Hopefully not too cold in winter. Cheers, Colleen


Angus Guthrie

To cut or to shave? I want to see the full 100%! :) Great idea and a great cause!


David Lim

Great job brother Rob 👍


Ed Waller

Great work Rob


Alexandre Ventelon

can you make this nice piece of hair permanent pls?


Yatra Forudi

Great cause Rob - and your sponsors’ wall suggests a strong army of support for a crew cut :)


Karen Koh

Finally! Cut it off!!!! The best thing is the great cause (big sister rant haha)


John Hirjee

Mohawk style


Adrian Cheung

It won't happen overnight, but it will happen.


Katie And James

Great cause Rob! Looking forward to seeing the new 'do'


Jennifer Lam

Think of the electricity you will save not having to blow dry the hair!


Paula Crosby


Mark Grenning

Great idea Rob for a very worthy cause; imagine the savings on shampoo and conditioner


Stephen Giubin

It better than doing dry July for charity!


Trang Tran


Justin Steinert


Tim Chan

Thanks for inviting me to support this great cause!


Dean Thomson

‘Bout time mate. Great cause, nicely played.


Kynwynn Strong

Good on you!


Alison Gibson


Justin Teo

Look forward to the haircut livestream!


Caroline G



For a good cause !


Liam Thomas


Tsen Wong


James Hood


Michael Bacon

Supporting a great cause! Will you be growing it back longer next time?


Sandra O’donnell


Richard Wrightson


Georgia Hall

Please get a mullet?


Roland Dillon

I would be happy to assist in the hair cutting process



Good to see your hair not going to waste 😁


Annette Adler

Wow! That’s going to be a big chop! And very happy to support the cause.


Vana Makaric

Sad to see it go!


Ben Lee


Afshin Akhtar-khavari




Kate Mason

I would prefer to pay for you to keep it long but either way, I'm excited to donate!



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