Shave to Raise

By Matt Commerford

Thanks for all the support

Big thanks to all those who have donated.
We are not even a quarter way and have surpassed our goal.

Let’s keep sharing this and donating as it’s a great cause. 

Matt’s Shave to Raise Fundraiser

I’m fundraising for Cancer Council Victoria to help stop cancer. 

This ones close to home and I have decided to raise some money and also some awareness. I believe every little bit can help researchers get closer to finding a cure.

I will be shaving my beard that’s been growing for the better part of  the year.

However I’m going to make it a little fun for everyone.

I will hold the fundraiser Until the end of November and I will let the person who donates the most select how I am to shave my beard and I must wear it that way for a whole two weeks.

Thanks in advance to all those who donate and good luck.


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Thank you to my Supporters


Amish Neckbeard



Well done legend!


Trion Paleologou

Great cause, well done


Mum And Dad

Really proud of you mate kicked another goal! Can’t wait to see what’s under that bear on your face lollll


Niko Serdenes

So cool to see you doing this man, you’re a legend.


Mat Karanicolas


Timmy & Emily

We are so proud of you bro! Keep killing it



Well done Matty! Can’t wait to see the cool design you’ll be rocking for two weeks!


Leanne & Wayne

Week three and I’m still cheering on the bye bye beard lollll good job x mum &dad


Caidan Morris

As someone currently battling the C word, I think this is an incredible effort because every little bit counts. Hope you achieve all that you set out too!


Victoria, Ben And Owen Jordan

Good work 😘


Stacey Haddock

Well done Matt 😁😁😁


Esta Karanicolas

Cause very close to my heart well done Matty very proud of you ❤


Good Shit Bro!


Mum And Dad

Week two and Job well done! Passed a goal now kick another unlike Collingwood lolllll 👍luv u mum and dad


Ricky/lindsay/bea Commerford

Heroic effort legend


Stacey Nesci


Jacqui Dunbar

Well done Matt 👍


Russell Merkel

Hey mate good on you doing this cause! Hope you achieve your goal! Go Tiges!!🐯


Michele Woodman

Great cause Matt - well done!


Zoe / Lulu

Good on you Matt! You are amazing! Thank you for organising’


Rhonda Commerford

Good job Matt


Carla/ Lulu

Hey Mate, good on you for making such an impactful choice. Love and light ✊🏼


Kim Keyes


Peter Lochner

Well done Matt.


Pieter Van Vuren


Sonia Zuccala/lulu

Great cause. All the best!


Darren & Dom / Lulu

A cause close to all of our hearts.


The Saker's

Almost half way there. Good job Matty!!!


Leanne & Wayne Commerford

We will donate weekly to see the beard gone & your beautiful smile again! Good Job 👍Mum & Dad ❤️


Lochie Bevis

Great work big fella, all the best on smashing this target for a great cause!!


Bonnie Boness


Cody Commerford

Let’s gooooooooo


Jack/william/annabelle Keenan


Nick Monaco

This one is from me Matt. Would love to see the bowling ball mate.


Nick Monaco

Hi Matt, this donation is on behalf of Engie Elec and Comm and instigated by Rob Baird.



Really happy too see you do this 👍


Matt Commerford