The Gala 2023

By Kate Price

I’m fundraising for Cancer Council Victoria to help stop cancer.

Hi there Cancer fighting friend! 

By gum, can you believe it's 2023 already!? Holy smokes. 

New year, same me, can only mean one thing... THE GALA 2023 planning has begun!

I feel after years of this event, you don't need the spiel on why I created and continue to host The Gala, but if you're new here, please read on.. if you're not new here, please scroll down and skip this brief but hugely important summary of why I do what I do. 

My Mum = BRCA1 genetic mutation, 4 time cancer survivor. 

Hero status in my eyes, and reason behind my fundraising efforts.

She’s had Breast and Skin cancer. 

A Double mastectomy. For both of us. Mine, preventative. 

Me, BRCA1 too. Fuuuuuuun. 

Cancer = total drainer, worst guy, similar to the worst person you've ever dated or encountered, but worse, cause it's trying to kill you. Absolute jackass. Could go on, but won't, you get the picture. 


The Gala = my passion project and one of the loves of my life. 

Fundraising for 15 years. 

2019 The Gala est. Raised over $8000. Boom! Victorian Cancer Council impressed.

2020 Covid-shitstorm-19 ruined plans.

2021 Covid-shitstormcontinued-19 ruined more plans, but raised more than $31,000. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Vic Cancer Council so happy. 

2022 The Gala re-emerged, like Dumbledore's phoenix, Fawkes, it was epic and we raised over $18,000. SHUT MORE FRONT DOORS. Vic Cancer Council wife us.

This leads us to present day, with The Gala underway again and I am hopeful that we will once again raise over $10000 - helping to make a HUGE difference in the lives of so many Australians battling cancer. Maybe even that someone you help, is someone you love. 

Thank you for your generosity and support. You have helped me grow this fundraiser and you’ve helped me literally change lives. 

And! Incase no one told you today, you’re the best. 

Love to you, 

Kate xo

Ps. Oh, and as always people, don't forget to feel your bits. That’s important. 

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Jacqui Stanford

Thanks again for a spectacular night!



Cash Donations from The Gala


Andrew & Linda Marston

The final countdown!!!!!!!!!


Andrew Busuttil


David Newman


Andrew Ellis

Ryobi Products


Mel & Lilly


Laura Elli





Claire Stafford

Item 18


Mat Duniam



Laura Ellis

Play do


Timothy Bourke

Item 25 (Timothy Bourke)


Melissa Belli

Item 68


Arron Williams

You are amazing!!!


Timothy Bourke

Item 19 (Timothy Bourke)


Allyse Brine


Matt Gabbett

Top night kate


Timothy Bourke

Item 71 (Timothy Bourke)


Jacqui Stanford

Item 46


Item 43 Stephanie Zolis





Penny Nicholls


Kathryn Lamanna

Great job Kate!! Xx


Item 8 Stephanie Zolis


Cayla Milner


Karen Watson

Item 42


Christine Duniam

Item number 64 Good work kate!!!


Cayla Milner


Jessica Belli

Yay!! Item 30


Grishma Shetty

item no 51


Glenn Brine


Pia Rai

Silent Auction pet portrait


Andrew Moore

Item 1 - Andrew moore


Jessi Belli

Yay Katie Item 2


Meagan Wilson


Bri Evans

Thanks for an amazing night! This is for the Mary eats cake item 10 silent auction


Matt Weerden




Stephanie Zolis Raffle Tickets


Jessica Jong


Nhu Quach

Nhu Quach and Loan Lu raffle tickets


Thuy Tran

Thuy Tran Raffle Tickets




Claire Pratt

Thankyou for organising such a wonderful event to support our why


Ali Cole

Ali Cole raffle tickets


Jack Mcdonald

Jack & Sameera Raffle Tickets Love you heaps Kate, you’re a real life angel doing great things xxoo


Jon Robson

Jon Robson raffle tickets


Danielle Sharp

Danielle Sharp - Raffle tickets



Thank you for everything you do, Kate x


James Sinclair

Good luck Kate with your fundraising and your continuing good health.


Jacqui Sgro

Happy Gala week 🙌


Carol Brown

All the best Kate with your fundraising!!!!


Kelly Van Veen

You my friend, are brilliant 💓



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