Jess Cuts Against Cancer

By Jessica Apap

I’m fundraising for Cancer Council Victoria to help stop cancer.

I'm a 16 year old who has grown my hair ever since the days I can remember. Years ago loosing family members to Cancer made me realise how badly I wanted to do my part in making a change to fight this terrible disease. I raised money in 2016 with Relay for Life, and now I'm finally back and ready to fundraise again, by cutting my hair. 

After seeing what my family members went through with this disease, I made a decision as a 10 year old that the day I decide to cut my hair, I will donate it to those that are in need of it, and I will fundraise all I can before I cut it.

I can't wait to receive all the support from you all and let's hope you all get a surprise when you see me with my new cut. 

Thank you all for supporting the Cancer Council. 

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Thank you to my Supporters


Susanna Petrovna Ritchie

Well done Jess! A worthy cause or courageous thing to do. The Ritchies (from MDX)


Gemma K

Amazing Jess! So proud of you xx


Fiona Holcombe


Annabelle Dimitriou

Jess you are a super star!


Trish Hili

You lovely person! Congratulations on such a beautiful decision. Xox


Linda Debono

Well done ?


Deborah Snowdon

Well done Jess.


Sofia Velardo

I do remember last time you spoke about your fundraising efforts for a family member. Well done for helping others! Sofia Velardo


Geraldine Sammut


Conor O'duil

Way to go, Jess


Pauline And Joe Apap

Cutting your hair for cancer defines what a special individual you are and what the fight against cancer means to you. You have been growing your beautiful hair all your life, we your family are So proud of you. It will be different to see you with short hair but I'm super proud of you love you always mum XOXO


Amara Nnadiekwe


Hayley Franklin


Phil And Louise Nicol

Great work Jess! Small steps towatrds a cure well done.


Dusan Coso

With you Jessica all the way, soo proud of you


Tom Hay


Dave Maddern

Well done Sempai!


Vince Brogna

jess, you are a STAR!


Marisa Te

Great way to honour those affected by cancer Jess!




Zoe Mihos

love you jess, so proud!! xx



Good job from Brendan Apap


Alannah Te

so proud of you jess - i know how much this means to you xx


James Norris

Good on you Jess :) proud of you! Ps. Go the full Norris or it doesnt count.


Brendan & Kristine

We are very proud of you jess, I know I can speak on behalf of the family too. P.S: go the full Norris or it doesnt count :P


Luke Apap

Proud of you always jess xxx


Liz & Dave Grech

What an amazing gesture Jess, hopefully you raise more than expected xx


Connie Swiatek

Well done beautiful girl! Good luck with the donations Love from Connie and family xx


Peggy Sdregas



Ashleigh Tzaros

So very proud of you pumpkin <3 good luck!


Maria Krslovic


Chris Cini

Well done Jess for supporting a great cause. Always proud Xo


Belinda Xerri

So incredibly proud of you Jess


H & C Vella

Well done Jess! I hope you get to raise a lot of money for this important cause XX


Rachel Elgueta

Jessica you are a true inspiration to us all. I admire your tenacity and willingness to always help others, especially with such a cause that has touched the lives of many of us. Good luck xx

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