Erik Magri's Memory

Erik Magri's Memory

On the 15th March 2019, My whole world flipped upside down when i lost my dad to cancer. I still remember sitting with him and him asking me to dye my hair pink for his cancer, with abit of a giggle i had to tell him that he didnt have breast cancer, which got a smile out of him at the time too. I knew i wanted to dye my hair and after 2 years to the day of his anniversary and many... many... bleach attempts on my black hair, im finally light enough to dye my hair.. But not pink ?

The colours ive chosen are Blue and Green, which represent dads cancer. 

If you can donate, that would be amazing but if you cant please share and follow along. The fundraiser will be going to start 13/03/2021 and end dads birthday 09/05/2021

Thank you to our Sponsors


Belinda Dow


Alison Wright Smith

Sending love to you and your family xo


Vikki Ducrow

To a long lost friend xxx


Stephen Winstone

Good on you Stacey. He's proud of you. your Mum.


Ben Watterson


Skye Day



Janine Doran

Well done Stacey - you’re dad would be proud xxx





Belinda O'connor

Hair looks great!


Adele Nicholls

Love you so very much! So proud of you ❤️❤️