Adam & Brooke's Shave for Cure

By Brooke Brennan


Hi Everyone, 

For all those attending tomorrow's Shave for Cure Event, it is 2:30pm at Murray Downs Golf and Country Club down in the John Myers Pavilion (near bowls greens). Drinks will be at bar prices & we will be providing some snacks after the shave. We look forward to seeing you all then 

Starts at 2:30pm
Shave at 3pm
Snacks at 3:30pm

Also if you have ANY cold or flu symptoms please DO NOT attend the event!! 

Cheers Adam & Brooke

Donation tins & NEW total

Hi Everyone, 

As you all know I've had donation tins around town here are the results. I would like to thank everyone for their kind donations

• Boo's Place Cafe- Swan Hill $153.10
• Boo's Place Cafe- Boga $75.70
• Poppy & Lola $31.95
• Premix King $34.35
• Swan Hill party hire $1.35
• WDEA WORKS $0.50
• Mallee pets supplies $3.85
• Little swans daycare $105.45
• Kams Chinese Restaurant $0 



So our NEW total with our online and tins donations brings us to $6,493.25


Hi Everyone,

Only 7 days til Shave for Cure!! Still plenty of time to donate, if possible please donate every dollar counts!!

Please help raise some money for an amazing fundraiser Cancer Council Victoria 


Thank you everyone who has donated without your help we wouldn't of reached our goal. Please continue to donate if possible, the more money we can raise the more families we can help that are being affected by cancer

Cheers Adam & Brooke 


Hi Everyone,
Today last day to get donation in for tax this year of you are wanting to claim it back at tax time as your donation online is tax deductible. Also we are so close to reaching our $5,000 goal. If possible please keep the donations up to help us reached our goal, we would love to try and go over our goal if possible but I need everyone's help. No matter how BIG or SMALL every dollars counts!! Also please share our donation link


Hi Everyone,

We'd like to say thank you to everyone that has already donated or shared our post. We are very close to reaching our GOAL! There is still plenty of time to donate if possible. The BIG day is on the 17th of July, I've had a few people asking when it is or where the event is happening. The link is below for anyone that wishes to make a donation and just a reminder that your donation is tax deductible and if you can also SHARE our post/link we'd really appreciate it



Today I was at work at Boo's Place Cafe and I was serving a dad and a little boy. He saw my flyer and my tin and said "is that you on the tin?" I replied yes, that's is me on the tin. He asked "why are you cutting your hair?", so I told him that my mum is sick and that I'm cutting my hair to raise money and hope to make her better. He looked at his dad and said "I want to give her some money", the dad pulled out his wallet and the little boy said "no daddy, I want to give her my money". By this stage I'm trying my best to hold back the tears as this amazing, kind hearted little boy donated $2 to my tin. He paid $2 out of his own pocket money, such an amazing little man he's dad was so proud of him and had a huge smile on his face. He said "I hope your mum gets better soon" and waved goodbye, I had to walk out the back to the kitchen before I started to cry. If only this little boy knew how much that $2 meant to me today 


Such a kind gesture, Sarahfrom my kids childcare centre Little Swans Early Learninghas reached out and offered to display a flyer and donation tin for their workers and families that attend the childcare centre to donate money towards our fundraiser. We are truly grateful to anyone who donates towards our fundraiser to help families suffering from cancer

Almost reached $3,000

Hi Everyone, 

We've almost reached the $3,000 mark. In case you are not aware any donation made online is tax deductible. There's still plenty of time to donate either online or at any of our locations where our tins are at. Shave for cure will be on the 17th of July, so please if possible donate beforehand or on the day BIG or SMALL as every dollar counts!! If you would like to, you can come along and watch Adam shave his head and for me to cut my hair shorter on the day 

Here is our direct link for donating online:

Local businesses with flyers & tins

Hi Everyone,

There are some flyers and donation tins at some local businesses. You may have seen them around, if not here are some of the places they are available if you would like to donate at them:

Boo's Place cafe & provedore Swan Hill
Boo's Place Lakeside Lake Boga
Premix King Swan Hill
• Poppy & Lola Swan Hill
• WDEA Works Swan Hill
Swan Hill Party Hire

If you would like either a flyer or a tin for your business or workplace please let me know and I can drop one off to you 

Here is also our link, please share to spread the word



Tins and flyers are all done, going to drop some off to some local businesses tomorrow. If you want some for your own business or workplace please let me know 

Also here is our link:


Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated towards our fundraiser. We've officially reached our halfway mark $2,500, there's still plenty of time to donate. EVERY dollars counts!!

Cheers Adam and Brooke


Hi Everyone,

We've decided to increase our goal to $5,000 to be able to really help & support the cancer council fundraiser. We truly believe that we can reach our NEW GOAL!! 

Thank you to everyone that has donated already, if you haven't there is still plenty of time to do so if possible.

Cheers Adam & Brooke 

$2,000 RAISED!

We've reached over $2,000 dollars so far, thank you everyone that has donated so far


In less than 24 hrs we've managed to reached our halfway goal. Thank you to everyone you has donated 

$1,000 RAISED!

WOO HOO Over $1,000 been raised!!

Almost reached $1,000

Wow hasn't even been a day yet and we've nearly reached $1,000. If possible please keeping donating to this amazing fundraiser


Hi Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who has already donated so far we have already reached over $500 in only a few hours. 

Cheers Adam & Brooke

Note from Mandy

Hi my name is Mandy, I am a grandmother to 8 beautiful grandchildren. I live in Swan Hill with my husband and we have 3 children Jamie, Nick and Brooke. I was diagnosed with cancer in January 2022. My daughter Brooke and son in law Adam are doing Shave for a cure this year to try and raise some money for families affected by cancer


Hi Everyone,

Adam and I will be doing a duo and have decided to shave/ cut our hair by participating in Shave for cure! For those who don't know, at the start of the year my mum received some news that none of us were ever expecting. My mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, we've been told it's treatable but not curable. After losing and knowing a lot of people around both of us we have decided it's time to do shave/ cut for cure, to try and raise some money for the fundraiser. If possible please donate to help raise awareness for cancer and to help future treatments for people just like my mum. Every cent counts guys, so dig deep no matter how big or small the donation is we'll appreciate it as it's going towards an amazing fundraiser and all funds go towards families that are being affected by cancer

I’m fundraising for Cancer Council Victoria to help stop cancer.

Every year more than 35,000 Victorians hear the words ‘you have cancer’.

Thanks in part to generous Victorians, 7 in 10 of them will survive five years after a cancer diagnosis, but there’s still so much work to be done.

Cancer Council needs our support more than ever this year. Every dollar raised gives hope for a cancer free future. By supporting my walk, you’re funding life-saving cancer treatments, prevention programs, and support services that ensure no one has to face cancer alone.

My Achievements

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Raised $250

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Raised $1000

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Reached fundraising goal

Increased fundraising goal 

Thank you to my Supporters


Sandra Mudge


Shave For Cure Donations

Hi Everyone this is all the donations from tins at local businesses and yesterday's event


Jake, Kate & Rosie Seears

What an incredible show of support for one amazing woman! Much love to you all.


Joel & Bec Healey



All the best today Brooke & Adam


Alex Jolly



Tennille Harrison



Ann Penno


Lisa Brady

Sorry to hear that you have a battle Mandy. Thinking of you. Good job Brooke doing what your doing 👏👏


Les Gordon


Rhyder Brennan

Love you ❤❤


Deklyn Jolly

I hope this helps love deklyn ❤❤


Stephanie Brennan

Couldn't be prouder of you guys ❤


Bendigo Chiropractic

Well done Brooke


Renee Booth

Big love to you all, always. Amazing effort and what a way to show your support you should be all so proud! Love always Ren xxx


Dooley Family

From all the Dooley’s xxx


Maria And Gus Doherty



Kim Dent

So much love to you all. Love Kim, Chris, Sam, Hughie & Teddy



All the best Mandy


Tamara Venture

I love you so much and you have done so well.




Gabrielle And Dean Chapman

Well done guys!


Joe And Kristy Summerhayes

Great job guys


Tony Crisp

Well done Brooke and Adam. Proud of you both.


Michael Crisp


Tony,georgi And Gypsy.


Margaret Kelly

Dear Brooke Please give my care and prayers to your lovely Mum. Miss her cheerful, smiling face when I go to the clinic. Adam, I bet you’ll look very spunky with your hair gone.. your lovely black brows, beard & mo will tell it all! Watching for your photo! Cheers, Margie Kelly xox





Amazing cause, sending all our support. From the Pickering’s


Cherie Ward

What a great cause to get behind. Sending healing prayers to Mandy & love to your family.


Renae Rogers


Elwyn & Doug


Tracey Merritt


Ryan Barnes


Andrea & Ricky Hannig

Awesome effort. Your mum must be so proud.


May & Cohen Burke


Hayley Devereux

Best wishes to you and your family


Joy Hansen

Hi Brooke - thinking of your dear mum, and sending love and best wishes to you all.


Cindy Fox

Beautiful thing to do for your Mum Brooke. Love to all xx


Troy Brennan

Good on you guys. Hope this helps :)


Ebony Gleeson


Myers Family


Aurélien Jean-louis


Joanne Anderson

Thinking of you Mandy and sending Love. You beat it friend and get well. You’ve got a gorgeous, growing family to Love. Jo XXX 🥰


Lisa And John Gouin

Dear Brooke and Adam, such praise for your fundraising in honor of finding a cure for pancreatic cancer. As importantly, such praise for your decision to do this as your lovely mum and our friend fights this infliction. A shock to hear of this and love to all


Tracy Hooper


Kevin Jolly


Kerry Brooks

Good luck Adam & Brooke, I hope you're doing well Mandy


Emily Bryan

Awesome job guys sending love xoxo Emily


Sangeetha And Sayeed

Good work Brooke and Adam !!! Big hugs to you Mandy


Julie & Graham Cleary

Awesome job Adam & Brooke. All the best Mandy



Proud of you. Be the change 💜


Zan, Jaime & Cleo X

Great effort Brooke and Adam! Lots of love and big hugs to you Mandy! x


Jade, Kyle, Oscar And Imogen Symons

Such a beautiful and caring person. We love you Mandy. Your strength is inspiring xx


Rina De Sensi


Margy Taylor


Bradd Gleeson


Brooke Ingtam

Thank you Mandy for being a very special friend to my mum ❤️


Kathy Ingram

Amazing effort Brooke and Adam. Your mum is one very special lady xxx


Nathan Grigg


Rob Marchetti



All the best Mandy


Janelle And Malcolm Leech


Rach & Lachie

Great work guys!


Susan Davis

Good luck Brooke and Adam


Genevieve Fahey

Well done Brooke & Adam! This is such an amazing cause and in honour of a beautiful, selfless and inspirational lady!! Lots of love to Mandy and her family always xx



Wishing you all the best



Wishing you all the best Mandy!


G & F Jolly

Well done Brooke and Adam.


Helena King

What an awesome thing to do Brooke. Wishing Mandy all the best in kicking the beast 💕


Julie Barber

You are a beautiful daughter and have an amazing husband. Love and strength


Caity Zaal




Deb, Darryl & Alise Riley

Such an amazing thing to do in honour of your absolutely amazing Mum!


Kelly And Jolly Jolly


Wendy Smith

Your mum is so loved and would do anything for anyone. She has a heart of gold and her strength is inspirational. Good luck with your fundraising for such an important cause. Well done to both of you xx


Bridget Gleeson

Amazing work guys!! Xx


Michelle Bryan

Thoughts are with you all at this trying time.


John Brennan


Natalie Barnes

Great cause. Sending all my love xx


Noel And Mandy Jolly

Thankyou Brooke and Adam for your ongoing support and commitment for raising funds for cancer patients xx


Nick & Hayley Jolly


Adam & Brooke Brennan

Adam & I are donating $50 to start the donations off

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