Airmaster Beard Shave (Antoni Pisa)

By Antoni Pisa

The deed has been done

At about 2:30pm this afternoon the deed was finally done!

I'm so pleased and humbled by the enormous generosity of family, friends, friends of friends and workmates toward the Cancer Council.

I was hoping to get up to $1,000 and, thanks to your generosity, I've almost reached $8,000!!

Thank you all again you beautiful people!

Wow - thanks for getting behind such an important cause!

To everyone that's donated to support anyone affected by cancer - thank you so much!!

I'm not sure whether everyone is jumping on this wonderful cause, or you just don't like my beard :) ... either way, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m shaving my beard (yes, that's right, my beard is going) for Cancer Council Victoria to help stop cancer.

You, a loved one, family member or friend - I don't think that there would be a person in Australia that hasn't been affected by cancer in some way.

You know how much I love my beard, but I love many others more, so I'm trying to raise some money to help protect the people I love AND the people YOU love by shaving it (and my head).

If you can spare it, please give it.

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Thank you to my Supporters


Jossie Hodges

Well done Antoni!


Amanda Stephens


Christian Alexander


Lorena & Damon Healey

Amazing work Antoni, let’s get to $8k!


Ellinger Family

What an amazing effort Antoni - well done


Michael Sailland


Tash Wall


Christina M


Darren Cruz

At least i wont have to look at you know awkwardly eating a hamburger!!!


Gary Stott

Nice work Antoni


Kaye Dolphin


Natacha Bonnet


Kris Connolly


Simon Rickard

Well done indeed, Antoni. I look forward to seeing what your next display of individualoty might be.



Great you are doing this, cannot wait to see the end result 😊


Leigh Richardson

Bloody legend mate. Can't wait to see ya shiny noggin!


Joel, Kayla, Bella And Charlie Richardson

Great work mate




Wendy Muldoon

Great cause Antoni, I didn't think you would shave your beard for anything!


Max Pisa

Well done dad. It’s been ages since I’ve s


Leigh Todd


Andrew Scoular

Great cause mate that you’re doing this for.


Stuart Mcbain


Tania Hutchins

Well done Antoni, you're a star! 🤩


Paul David Randles

Happy Birthday and a great initiative. Good Luck


Amrita Majumder

Thanks Antoni!


Aaron Mcconnell

Rippa beard. Well done mate


John (jack) Russell

Well done mate !


Noel Courtney

As promised last night






Luke Grimes


Holly Burnham


Luke Johnson

Great work Antoni, look forward to seeing the aftermath.


Lauren Roitman


Clarrie Walker


Lodge Peace & Loyalty


Peter Nelson


Jonah Milanovic


Bec Kincaid


Andrew Jackson

Well done Antoni!!!


Daniel Tanner




Paul Edwards


Adrian Gauci

A great cause for a great bloke with a great beard!


Jacqui Pisa

Go Dad!


Power Drive Automotive

Wow Antoni can't believe you are going to do this but super proud you are doing this for a worthy cause. We have lost all 4 parents and a number of friends to cancer. Good on you mate. THANK YOU.


Ian Wood

great job


David Millar

Great work Antoni!!


Paul Abdilla

Good on you Antoni!


Prish Schofield


Simon Baron

Good on you mate, I will miss your beard.


Phillip & Rhonda Spencer

Don't get sunburnt after the shave, Antoni. Phil Spencer (OEHJ)


Fran Frost

Well done Antoni!!!👏👏


Peter Vincent Mcmanus

I look forward to meeting the 'hair-free' version of Antoni! Well done mate!


Maureen Irvin


Michael Kelly


Fireworld Australia

Anthony, very good work you are doing. It will be good to see the after photo.


Gary Oconnor

A win for humanity and a great cause. Looking forward to seeing the result.


Wendy Best


Kate Reid

Good work Antoni, not sure we will recognise you though.


Marc Shrapnel


Debbie Tirosh

Can't wait to see what you look like


Angelo Branca

Hey mate hope it helps best of luck


Frank Saris

Mate you are an absolute gem


Clinton Askew

Fully support you mate, My Dad passed almost 10 years ago from Cancer. If i had a Mo or hair i would join you


Sign Pro

Great initiative Antoni! All the best, we look forward to seeing a fresh face under that beard!


Majed El-ali

Love your great work Antoni!! I too have lost a few people very dear to me and really appreciate your initiative and I understand how hard it is to shave the beard off as I myself have a great beard haha. Only jokes mate honestly you’re a champion. Take care and god bless you!


Lee Dixon

Good on you mate


Julie Groves

WOW..... amazing!


Shayne Oldaker

Well worth it for such a great cause and to see you nude nut..


Carly Brown


Auntie Sharon

So proud of you love xx


Eda, Shaun, & Leon Rousseau

You’re a star Antoni! 🌟


Norm Wiley

Well done in supporting a great cause


Tarn & Jamie


Andy And Rob

Can’t wait to see your face! Well done on raising funds!


Wendy Musumeci

Well done Antoni


Lisa Arfi


Michelle And Ali Haroun

Way to go, what a legend and an extremely worth while cause


Steph, Simon & Emma Butler

About time 😉 - we'll done Ant!!


Matt Vellis

Only time chopping your beard of is allowed. For a good cause! Good job Ant!!


Tim & Teresa Donegan

Go Antoni!!



Good luck dude ;-) Will be scratching that chin afterwards for a few minths. Good on you for selecting a great cause !!!


Stephen Poiesz

I want to see this.


Caitlin Mccarthy


Greenscapes Nursery


Francine & Ralf Fisch



Jo Taylor

You are amazing 💜

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