Tutu's & Tata's

Tutu's & Tata's

We are a group of old friends and new friends that have a friendship spanning 5 decades.  We are all in our early 50's.
We are attempting our first ever 5km fun run through a vineyard.  At first it was just a fun idea but then we got thinking, why not turn it into a fundraiser and have some fun.  
We have all been impacted by cancer with three of our participants being survivors and many within our close circles also impacted and this is our motivation for a fundraiser.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Macil Group Pty Ltd

Have fun !!


All Ash Ptyltd

Good luck ladies


Margie Mcquade


Hayden Draper


Tony Cook

Is this your first 5km fun run, or just the first one through a vineyard? Either way, I’m sure you’ll do it well. All the best!!


Tamara Bellamy

Good luck ladies in your tutus & tiaras x


Chris Tomlin

Go hard drink slow.. Your going the distance Not going for speed :p



Go team


John Soyer


Nigel Mcinnes


Monika Smith


Lorelly Soyer


Karen Pascoe

No wine testing while on your fun run. ?

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