Join my team in my fight against cancer & start accepting challenges yourself in exchange for a small token of donation. 

As I said, no challenge is too big or too small. 
Here are a few examples to kick start it off:

Sharing my page - $2

Challenge me to an act of kindness - $10/action
Paying it forward
Compliment a stranger 
Leave a thank you note
Let someone else go first
Take someone out for a meal
Put a dollar into a vending machine

Challenge me to mindful eating - $15/day
No chocolate
No junk food
No eating out
No processed food
Replace alcohol with juice
Replace coffee with green tea

Challenge me to an activity - $20/action
Try something new
Hold a wall sit for 30 seconds
Hold a plank for 1 minute
Walk 5k steps a day
Attend 1 yoga class in a week
Attend 1 HIIT session in a week

Leave your challenge with your name/nick name if you’d like to stay anonymous in the comments of your donation & I will tag you once the challenge is completed. 

Thank you to our Sponsors


Yap Yow Fook


Remesh Kumar Kollara Natesan

Alysa girl.. your mom sounds like an amazing women ! I'm proud of your noble effort in this project and I hope you achieve your goal. Love ya my daughter..


Lee Lee Yong

Great job gal ? Cancer is affecting so many people and their loved ones. Thank you charitable organization for supporting them. Keep it up!


Jackie Tho



You glow gurl ❤️ proud of you



You do your amazing thang Teresa doll xx


Francis Lai

Congratulation on achieving your goal.



So so so so so so PROUD of you & mama ❤️


Brent Yong

Awesome job! Keep it up. Challange : feet walk up the wall to handstand, hold for 20secs.


Mi Yi Low


May V

Proud of you for doing this!


Sze Xuann Lee


always proud of you, love you miss you, can’t wait to see you sayang!


Jojo Tan

You and your mom has been an inspiration to me and even more now since my dad is fighting cancer too. Thank you for doing this and creating awareness since I know you ?



Ure doing a great thing, jia you!!!



Proud of you !


Chloe Lee

An amazing initiative for an important cause! Can’t wait to see you smash out every challenge!



So so proud of aunty Lee Lee and what she has been through over the years! Hope she continues to recover well! Sending lots of love to you and your fam x


Loh Mc

On behalf of me, pls give your mum & dad a big2 hug & a lot of kisses


Diana Gilliam

You are an amazing loving daughter. All my best and prayers for your mom. Send her hugs and assurance that all will be good. I challenge you to run 5K once a week for a month.





Phuong Linh Dao


Cedric Low


Edwin Lau

AMAZING effort and cause!! you, mum and the entire family are truly superhuman!


Amelia Low


Anonymous Lover

I Challenge you to do a wall squat 30 seconds!! Proof needed



Hi Alyssa, your mom is a warrior, don’t stop fighting! x I challenge you to do a mindful breathing exercise for 5 mins. Hope it helps!



You’re an inspiration everyday bb ❤️ You’ve always been everyone’s rock, but sometimes it’s easy to forget to be good and supportive to yourself. I challenge you to say 3 kind things to yourself every day (or at least 3 times a week hehe)

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