Rosie shaved her head to support her loved ones

Rosie decided to shave her head on her own. But she did it to show her support for the loved ones who had no choice in losing their hair.

Rosie has seen cancer affect many of her loved ones before. But 2020, along with all its other challenges, has proved especially tough.

“This year has been particularly difficult with the death of my aunty and brother, who passed away from cancer,” Rosie said. “A close friend is also going through cancer for the second time.

“I saw them deteriorate before my eyes.”

She watched her loved ones stress, lose their appetites and independence, and force smiles through their struggles and pain. But neither Rosie nor they were giving up.

“I knew there was no cure, but I still held onto the hope that everything would be okay,” Rosie said. “That somehow, there would be some sort of miracle.”

Wanting to make a positive impact any way she could during this difficult time and show support for her aunty, brother and best friend, Rosie decided to shave her head and fundraise for Cancer Council.

“I wanted to show them that they weren’t alone,” she said. “Cancer patients who go through chemotherapy don’t get a choice. But I did. I’m healthy, my hair will eventually grow back, and I believe that your external appearance does not define who you are.”

Rosie used Facebook and Instagram to let her friends and family know she was fundraising. She told her work colleagues to spread more awareness, and kept people updated on the process by posting pictures online before and after the shave to help the fundraiser get even more attention.

“I’m also very grateful that I was able to raise money through word-of-mouth,” Rosie said. ‘It just goes to show it only takes one conversation or one person to make a difference.”

Her methods worked wonders, and Rosie ended up raising an amazing $3,000 to help people affected by cancer.

Sadly, Rosie’s aunty and brother both passed away from their diagnoses.

“My aunty and brother were selfless and caring souls, but I guess they were saving that miracle for someone else,” Rosie said. And with the funds her incredible efforts have raised, she hopes to help that happen.

“I hope that it will go towards more research for a cure, so that one day no one else will have to suffer.”

Her advice to other people considering doing their own fundraiser is simple.

“Go for it,” Rosie says. “The experience of fundraising for Cancer Council Victoria has been rewarding, knowing that I’ve contributed to a cancer free future.

“Any amount, no matter how small, is a step forward.”

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