George Zois

Victory Against Cancer

I'm fundraising to support Cancer Council Victoria

Do you want to see me make a fool of myself at AAMI park before Melbourne Victory take the field?

Help me get there for a laugh but more importantly for a good cause!

Every day, 90 Victorians are faced with the news of a cancer diagnosis. Their lives will never be the same, and the impact has a flow-on affect to those around them.

I’m supporting Cancer Council Victoria, who give hope to all Australians affected by cancer, by fundraising for a chance to play on the fans’ team at the Victory Against Cancer match.

By supporting me, you’ll be funding a life-saving cancer research project. Funds from the 2018 match were invested in a three-year skin cancer research project at the University of Melbourne; making a real difference to the lives of Victorians affected by skin cancer.

Thank you to my sponsors


Nektaria Zois Gerrits

why not make a fool of yourself?


Joanna Alexandrou

Hope to see you kick some goals!!!


Domenic Fazzolari

Amazing stuff - well done



Good Luck. Such a good cause👍


Helen Zois

Good luck. 😘


A.j. Terrell


Angela Z

Good Luck!




Zach De La Rocha

Every time we sit down and eat a plate of food, I bet that 60% of that food was introduced by indigenous culture. Vegetables, potato, lettuce, corn, they have given us everything.., but the government of this country isn’t concerned about these contributions. They want their gold and they want their land and it doesn’t matter who gets hurt or dehumanised in the process.


Pam King



Nicole Standfield

Great cause, hope you make the team


Luisa Antoniou

Kick goals! Great cause!



Good luck George.


Fiona Morrow

Oops a bit late but well done, a great cause 👍👍


George Lazarou

Good Luck!


Samuel Murray

Mazel Tov, George...this is such a worthy cause and one that is quite personal for me too...not sure we need to see you attempting to be sporty though! Can I put my $50 towards you NOT doing it? ;)


Cattermole Family

I have another $50 ready to donate to the research fund for "middle aged men blowing hamstrings while living the dream like professionals on major sporting venues." Go hard and score a goal for cancer research...will double donation if you do score.


Alex Brown

Good luck George, it’s close to home so go for it


Adam Clayton

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Doron Abramovici

Trying to be the next Ronaldo I see :) Will also double my donation if you can score :) Good luck and well done for raising money for an excellent cause.


Lyn Rose

Congratulations for raising funds for such a worthy cause - most families and friends I have have been affected with one or multiple forms of cancer - any research to find cures is a winner in my eyes.



Good luck George and what a wonderful cause.


Fross Driscoll

Great cause, good on you. Good Luck George!! How do we get to see you make a fool of yourself?


Natalya Frolov

George, I know for sure you will reach your Goal very soon. Nat



Great work George!



What a great cause! Would also love to see you make a fool of yourself. Haha! Good luck mate!


Joanne Cochrane

well done and good luck :)


Marilyn Kraner

Good Luck George - don't kill yourself !!