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Victory Against Cancer

$140 on top of the $500 plus raised yesterday - thanks to all of you!

Thank you for such a great response to my $5 bonus per donation initiative. I'd hoped for a number of smaller donations to roll in to take advantage of my pledge to commit an extra $5 for each one - but the generosity of the poeple I know (and some that I don't) was so overwhelming - over $500 was donated to my fundraiser yesterday - I had no choice but to double my commitment to $10 per donation.

So, thanks to all of you who donated, I have donated an extra $140 to Cancer Council Victoria on your behalf. Thank you so much for getting involved and giving to this great cause an organisation. This will make a tangible difference.



An extra $5 for every donation made today - Friday 1 February!

I'm adding $5 for every donation made today - to encourage everyone to chip in just a little to bump up this total.

I'm so pleased with the response to this so far from my friends and colleagues - we have really turned it from a small contribution to a really meaningful one.

Let's keep it going, and I'll continue to add $5 for every donation for the rest of tonight - and make the full donation tomorrow.

So far, it's at $45 from 9 donations... how many more can we get?? Let's do this :)

The older we get, the more impact cancer has on our lives

When I was very young my grandmother, Mary, lost her battle with cancer. I was too young to really understand what had happened, but I was aware that she was very sick for a long time, over hearings bits and pieces of conversation about it, and seeing her with medical equipment on her body what seemed like all of the time.

I had been lucky gorwing up since that time to have few of my family or people I know affected, but as I get older, more and more family and friends of the past and present are suffering at the hands of this disease. It is difficult seeing people suffer and have very little I can do about it. 

Victory against Cancer is my chance to do just a little to help raise money for a local charity, supporting fellow Victorians, as well as global efforts in research to learn new, better ways of treating those affected, perhaps saving lives, or at the least making the quality of life better and for long for those suffering and their families, and friends.

Every little bit helps - small donations add up in large numbers - so please feel free to contribute anything you can afford to give, great or small (anything over $2 is tax-deductable and welcome - even better if you get some friends together to throw in $2 or more each).

All together we can make a difference for our local community, and maybe even for ourselves should we or anyone close to us ever need the support of organisations such as the Cancer Council Victoria.

Thank you,


I'm fundraising to support Cancer Council Victoria

Every day, 90 Victorians are faced with the news of a cancer diagnosis. Their lives will never be the same, and the impact has a flow-on affect to those around them.

I’m supporting Cancer Council Victoria, who give hope to all Australians affected by cancer, by fundraising for a chance to play on the fans’ team at the Victory Against Cancer match.

By supporting me, you’ll be funding a life-saving cancer research project. Funds from the 2018 match were invested in a three-year skin cancer research project at the University of Melbourne; making a real difference to the lives of Victorians affected by skin cancer.

Thank you to my sponsors


Beau Vass


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Your awesome Beau for doing this🙂🙏


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Well done for aiming to raise more funds this year. Very proud of you


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Another year, another Beau cancer campaign. Great work mate!


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Every dollar raised counts. Donated on behalf of Dante's beloved dad


Beau Vass


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Great Work Beau. Great effort again.


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Well done. Great cause.


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Good Luck Mate! -G




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From one cancer survivor to another. X


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Such a great cause!


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