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I’m walking to help all Victorians affected by cancer

Very dear friends of ours lost their parents/in-laws both to cancer in the last 9 weeks. We are walking 21km’s on December 7th with our friends to support them in the memory of their beautiful parents, while also raising money for cancer. 

If you have a spare $5 to donate that would be wonderful

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Keep up the good work (or should that be walk).


Anthony And Simone Buchanan


Michael Nicholson


Jonathon Pearce Pearce

Having lost my first wife to cancer I totally understand what you're going through


Allison Wilkinson

Good on you Michael. It's a great cause. Go you!


Mark A. Simanjuntak

Good on you Michael and Cara.


Jamed Oakley

Great stuff mate !!!!!!!


Laurence Benn


Lisa Solazzo


Katrina Branigan

One step at a time.....


Jonathon Pearce

That's your goal achieved... Now everything else is a bonus :)


James Valentine

If you're walking past Cafe VIT, can you pick me up some Chicken 65 and the Vindaloo? Thanks!


Serena Migliardi


Anja Mosse

All the best !


Frank Tkalcevic

Good luck Micheal and good on you.



Good luck on the walk!


Mohammadreza Javanmardi