Walking Stars aims to do two things: spread hope for a cancer free future across Melbourne, and raise vital funds which could make that a reality. 

Fundraising is not compulsory, but we would love to see you give it your best go! Here are a few reasons why we encourage it:


Fundraising makes you feel good

Being part of a bigger purpose is incredible, as is the sense of accomplishment you’ll get from seeing what a clear impact you’ve made.


Your funds will go to something great 

Each year Cancer Council Victoria spends around $20 million on world-class cancer research, as well as funding prevention and support programs. This all helps the 33,000 Victorians diagnosed with the disease each year, and we couldn’t do it without the support of people like you.  


It’s fun!

There’s no limit to how you fundraise, nor is there a limit to how much you can fundraise, so have some fun with it! Get creative, plan events and get your family and friends involved. Walking 21km for hope already makes you wonderful; just one more step will make you a star.

We’ll provide you with lots of resources and tips to help your fundraising along the way.

If you’re stuck for ideas and need help, we’re here for you. Contact the team on 1300 65 65 85 or