Every year, more than 33,000 Victorians are diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer Council Victoria is delighted to partner with the Melbourne Victory Football Club once again in 2019 for the annual Victory Against Cancer fundraiser, with all fundraising contributing to a skin cancer research project.

Last year, nearly $40,000 was raised for a vital skin cancer research project at the University of Melbourne. Headed by Dr Karen Sheppard and Professor Grant McArthur, this project is working to understand why melanomas stop responding to therapy.

This research makes a real difference to Victorians affected by skin cancer, but our work isn’t done yet. That’s why we hope everyone will rally behind Victory Against Cancer once again.

Saving lives through research

Just $15 pays for the extraction and storage of DNA from a saliva kit to help increase our knowledge of cancer through studies such as our Australian Breakthrough Cancer Study.

$1,000 can help provide equipment to a lab-based research team who are working on a new immunotherapy treatment – giving hope to cancer patients. $50,000 supports one research project for six months.

This work is contributing to increased five-year cancer survival in Victoria – which is now at 68%.

Jordan at the beach

Jordan’s story

“When I was 15 in 2008 I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. We were on a family holiday in Europe at the time and I felt unwell while we were over there. I ended up spending 12 days in hospital in Pescara and then came back to Australia.

“My first question to my parents after my diagnosis was, ‘When can I play footy again?’ I was just worried I wouldn’t be allowed to play sport. I was quite young but not too young to not understand. I took it in my stride and just went with it.

“I will be taking part in the Victory Against Cancer Challenge 2019 because it is a partnership between two things that have had massive impacts on my life. It’s a way for me to enjoy playing football, support Melbourne Victory and raise money for Cancer Council Victoria.”